November is Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Month

November is a chance to recognize the dedication and innovation of providers of health care at home. It is an opportunity to acknowledge recipients of in-home care services, and celebrate that they are able to remain in the safety and comfort of their own homes while receiving quality care. Home health, home care, and hospice & palliative care providers have always been important to vulnerable citizens in our communities. But now that importance is underscored by the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in public/facility settings. When given the option, patients want to receive care in their homes. We believe that desire is stronger today than it has ever been. The South Carolina Home Care & Hospice Association is proud to represent and support hundreds of providers in our state. 

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Words from SCHCHA President and CEO, Tim Rogers

“Each year we raise up and celebrate our home care and hospice providers and workforce and fight to increase awareness of the value in empowering our most vulnerable patients to age and deal with chronic illnesses with dignity in the home,” said SCHCHA President and CEO, Tim Rogers. “The senior population is predicted to double in South Carolina by 2030. Healthcare needs will only increase, with agencies already facing many challenges and a stressed workforce. The overwhelming majority of elderly and chronically ill patients prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by family and friends. We are grateful to Governor Henry McMaster for expressing appreciation to home care and hospice agencies and their workforce for their contributions to an improved quality of life for patients and their families. We, too, encourage all to learn more about your options of care and share your wishes with your family, loved ones, and health care professionals.”


Please utilize these resources as you go forth in your efforts to raise awareness of and advocate for the preservation of in-home and community based services.