Hospice Providers in Greenville County

Amedisys Hospice of SC

250 Commonwealth Drive
Suite 105
Greenville, SC  29615

Phone: (864) 335-0544
Referral:864) 335-0544
Fax: (864) 335-0456

Administrator: Jennifer Poston

Accredited By: ACHC

Referral: Mary Morgan Hand

Website: www.amedisys.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Hospice Care/Services, Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Work, Home Health Aide Services, Bereavement Counseling, Spiritual Services, Volunteer Services

Blue Ridge Hospice

105 Lovett Drive
Greenville, SC  29607

Phone: (864) 546-4004
Referral: (864) 546-4004
Toll Free: (877) 934-1429
Fax: (864) 546-4005

Administrator: Brandy Mack

Accredited By: TJC

Referral: Sandra Howard

Website: www.blueridgehospicesc.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Skilled Nursing Care, Pain Management, Symptom Control, Medical Supplies, Medical Social Services, Caregiver Respite, Daily Living In-Home Assistance, Spiritual Support, Grief Counseling, Bereavement Services

Comfort Care Hospice

2078 Woodruff Road, Suite A 
Greenville, SC  29607

Phone: (864) 626-3773
Referral: (770) 480-8151
Fax: (866) 669-2198

Administrator: Babs Burns

Accredited By: CHAP

Referral: Jessica Barrett

Website: www.comfortcare-hospice.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Hospice services


1923 E. Main Street
Suite C
Duncan, SC  29334

Phone: (864) 542-2536 
Referral: (843) 542-2536 
Toll Free: (877) 447-2273 
Fax: (864) 542-2539

Administrator: Edith Riddlespurger

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Beth Herlihy

Website: www.compassus.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Hospice Services

Gentiva Hospice

15 Brendan Way
Suite 100
Greenville, SC  29615

Phone: (864) 297-3164
Referral: (864) 297-3164
Toll Free: N/A
Fax: (864) 297-3159

Administrator: Annette Miller

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Ashley Beaman

Website: www.gentiva.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Medicare-certified hospice care, palliative care, bereavement counseling, skilled nursing services, social work services, chaplaincy services, nursing aide services, volunteer services, respite care, therapy services, music therapy, hospice bridge program.

Hospice Care of South Carolina

1 Caledon Court 
Suite 1-A
Greenville, SC  29615

Phone: (864) 235-0344
Referral: (864) 235-0344
Toll Free: (800) 932-2738
Fax: (888) 317-3645

Administrator: David Powell

Accredited By: N/A


Website: www.hospicecare.net

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Hospice Care at Home, Senior Care, and Home Care services, Hands of Hopeā„¢ Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice of Laurens County

1304 Springdale Drive
PO Box 178
Clinton, SC  29325

Phone: (864) 833-6287
Referral: (864) 833-6287
Toll Free: (800) 465-4454
Fax: (864) 833-0056

Administrator: Mike Boelewitz

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Lynn Starnes


Medicare/Medicaid Services:In-patient and home hospice care

Other Services: Hospice House

Hospice of the Carolina Foothills

260 Fairwinds Road
Landrum, SC 29356

Phone: (864) 457-9100
Referral: (828) 245-0095
Toll Free: (800) 218-2273
Fax: (828) 248-9434

Administrator: Rita Burch, CEO

Accredited By: ACHC

Referral: Courtney Dills

Website: www.hocf.org

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Routine Home Care, Inpatient (Two units), Respite Care, Crisis Care

Other Services: Grief Counseling, Palliative Care, Kids Grief Camp

Interim HealthCare of the Upstate Hospice

16 Hyland Road
Greenville, SC  29615

Phone: (800) 758-4966
Referral: (800) 758-4966
Toll Free: (800) 758-4966
Fax: (864) 627-2855

Administrator: Kiersten Colovin

Accredited By: CHAP

Referral: Customer Service Center

Website: www.interimcares.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Skilled Nursing, Medical Social Work, Spiritual Care Counselors, Home Health Aide, Bereavement Coordination, Music Therapists, Physician, Nurse Practitioner 

Other Services: Volunteer Services


Open Arms Hospice

1836 W. Georgia Road 
Simpsonville, SC  29680

Phone: (864) 688-1700
Referral: (864) 688-1762
Toll Free: N/A
Fax: (864) 688-1726

Administrator: Debbie Whitman

Accredited By: TJC

Referral: Intake Department


Medicare/Medicaid Services: Medicare Certified Hospice Care, Medical Director, Skilled Nursing, Social Work, Chaplaincy Services, Bereavement Care, Volunteer Services, Respite Care, Durable medical equipment, Nutritional support, Hospice aide, hospice related medications.

Patriot Hospice and Palliative Care

54 Bear Drive
Greenville, SC  29605

Phone: (888) 515-3007
Referral: (888) 515-3007
Toll Free: (888) 515-3007
Fax: (800) 539-6902

Administrator: Jill Birmingham

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Cindy Dickard

Website: www.patriotcares.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Hospice, Palliative, Physician Services, Respite, Bereavement

PruittHealth Hospice-Greenville

301 Halton Road
Greenville, SC  29607

Phone: (864) 962-6699
Referral: (864) 398-1424
Fax: (864) 962-6816

Administrator: Teresa Sexton

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Jeraldine Mack

Website: www.pruitthealth.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: 2-hour response time, 24-hour RN, Personal Care Assistance, Counseling, Spiritual Care, Volunteer Services, and Grief Support

Other Services: Palliative services on a case-by-case basis


South Carolina Hospice and Palliative Care

335 N Academy Street
Greenville, SC  29601

Phone: (864) 451-7603
Referral: (864) 451-7603
Fax: (864) 451-7607

Administrator: Emilt Hanna

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Keith Carroll

Website: www.lhcgroup.com

Medicare/Medicaid Services: Hospice Care/Services