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If you are searching for a home care, home health or hospice & palliative care agency near you, you've come to the right place! Search by "hospice" or "home care," then search by County. You will find information about the agency, including the services offered and counties covered.

Why Choose Home Care, Home Health & Hospice
for your Loved One or Patient?

Health Care at Home is Patient Preferred
  • Patients prefer to remain in their homes, independent and safe and with dignity, for as long as possible
  • Encourage the return to independence
  • Facilitate disease process management and foster a sense of ownership in one's care
Be a Part of Health Care at Home's Quality & Innovation
  • Incorporate home care in your patients' care plans to help reduce the risk of hospital/facility readmission
  • Health care at home is the future - be a part of emerging technological advancements 
  • Create an outcomes crosswalk post-discharge and follow patients as they re-enter the community
  • Partner with an agency that has received accreditation from accrediting bodies such as CHAP, JCAHO or ACHC
  • Value-Based Purchasing and Bundled Payment Systems mean we must work together
Health Care at Home is Part of the Managed Care Solution​
  • Incorporate home care, home health and/or hospice into your patients' care plans to help reduce the risk of hospital/facility readmission
  • We Provide Specialty Programs (COPD, CHF, Falls Prevention)
  • We Provide Person-Centered Care > One-on-One dynamic
  • Home care is less expensive than other settings of care

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