Hospice Medical Social Worker Intensive

Medical Social Workers are an integral part of the hospice interdisciplinary team. Join us for a day focused exclusively on hospice medical social workers, as we explore the VA benefit, ethical issues surrounding end-of-life care, and what is included in the Medicaid hospice benefit. 2 Ethics Hours will be available during this intensive.

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Understanding the VA Benefit
Speaker: Douglas “Douggy” Johnson, II | Veterans’ Services Administrator | Wake County Government

This presentation will help the participants understand the basic benefits to which Veterans are entitled.  The application process will be discussed and there will be a question and answer period to allow you to ask specific questions you make have.

Ethical Issues Surrounding End-of-Life Care
Speaker: Hellen D. Ransom, DHCE, Assistant Professor, HSH BSOM Bioethics | East Carolina University

Ethical issues surface frequently when dealing with end of life- sometimes it is patient issues and sometimes it is family issues.  How do you identify an ethical issue?  What do you do about it?  Where do you turn for guidance and why do you believe it is an ethical situation?  Get these questions answered and more when you hear this presentation.

What Does the Hospice Medicaid Benefit Include?
Speaker: Sabrena Lea, MA, Associate Director LTSS; Leslie Melheim, RN, LTSS Nursing Operations Manager; Rosalyn Shaw, BSN, RN, LTSS Nurse Consultant; Shanna Patterson, Medicaid Policy Consultant
NC Medicaid | NC Division of Health Benefits | NC Department of Health and Human Services

The Medicaid benefit is very similar to the Medicare benefit, yet it is unique to the state with specific differences.  The specific differences, although few, sometimes create a lot of uncertainty among hospice providers.  This presentation will help resolve those uncertainties you may encounter when serving Medicaid patients. Subject matter will include: how to apply, eligibility and navigation of the system specific to our hospice population as well as the benefits for those patients who already have Medicare but may need Medicaid for long term care, and separation of supplies covered by the hospice and the facility. 
6/7/2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
AXXESS Home Care & Hospice Conference Center AHHC of NC Raleigh 27609

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